I have over 20 years of wedding industry experience and in that time I have had the pleasure to DJ for many couples from abroad. I believe what qualifies me is my knowledge of English and my full-time job working on radio. I spent a large part of that time hosting the top 40 show on HRT - Split, one of the most listened radio stations in Croatia.
From my experience as a wedding DJ I have learned that the number one key to a great party isn’t just the music, but about the type of music. Learning to read the crowd and knowing how to adapt the playlist is very important and is the main thing you should expect from your DJ. Every wedding is unique and there is no golden playlist that works for all. Similarly, your wedding guests will have differing tastes and adaptability is the secret to creating the best atmosphere and ensuring everyone leaves your wedding exhausted but, thrilled from all dance floor antics that night.
In order to ensure the best night possible, I like to properly prepare for each wedding. This starts off with an initial chat with you (WhatsApp / Viber / email) so that I can learn a little more about your day, about the music you would like and to get an idea of who your guests are (how old, where are they from etc.). An excellent starting point is to get a list of songs from you (which I can gladly assist with) and then from there we discuss what works best and develop the list further.
I mainly perform around middle-Dalmatia and the islands. Please contact me directly for details and travel costs.

More About Me and My History
 My passion for music and audio dates to back when I was a teenager and in my late teens i started DJing at local clubs and simultaneously worked at a radio station. Playing clubs really helped me learn to read the crowd, what songs work and how to get people dancing. Working at the radio station made me feel like a kid in a candy store with access to more than 20.000 CDs and vinyls. It also helped me perfect my MC technique. At the radio station I got to use the most state-of-the-art equipment so for years, my job was like out of a dream.
I started performing at weddings a little later in life, initially just for friends and for couples that I met while playing the club scene. I really started to admire the job. Over the years I have really come to enjoy playing at weddings. Each wedding was a new challenge that pushed me to be better and work on my diversity. I loved that, and my passion for entertaining people grew stronger. I quit my full time radio job and the rest is, as they say, history. Today, I only DJ at weddings and constantly focus on refining my skill to ensure I create the best night for my couples.